Weekend wellbeing 21.08.2016

August 21, 2016

The above print of Portstewart promenade can be bought here on my shop

Hello from the sunny North coast of Ireland!

The boys and I have been with my Mum and despite the lack of roasting hot sun, we are still having a ball.

Ice creams on the promenade, Barry’s big dipper and an endless amount of outdoor activity, mostly of the sand and water kind.

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14.08.2016 Weekend Wellbeing

August 14, 2016

The original of the Bushmills whiskey print above was featured on million dollar listings this week in a lush Soho apartment!

Finding material for this spot on the blog rarely poses any problems for me.

I love sourcing the info and to see how you enjoy it through the links clicked.

I have been in a real transition period with breastfeeding  and co sleeping this past week.

We have the baby on formula instead of my milk two times a day and he has even ventured into his own room.

All is going very well and third night in I found that I was able to sleep more sound than I have in a long time.

I know that the time when a baby moves into their own room can be a controversial issue. For our family though, before six months has proven to work.

Saying that I loved my co sleeping days and stand by that they are a fab way for Mum and baby to get great rest in the early stages when feeding is so often.

My enthusiasm for all the changes was instinctively spurred on by the wee man, or so I felt. I enjoy the three months stage when their little personality kicks in, and for us it showed Abe sitting for longer watching his brothers, being interested in food and seeming happy to go to bed at 7pm when his brothers did. All cues that he was growing up- weep!

In other news

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Weekend Wellbeing 07.08.16

August 7, 2016
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Today we are visiting Dunluce Castle. See the print here.

The beauty of having had my summer in the U.S as an eighteen year old is that I made so many friends who are from a really big yet very close community.

I just got back from New York last week and already have another Treetops friend staying with us for a few days. She has travelled from San Francisco and it is wonderful to have her presence in our home!

There is nothing like a friend visiting to get you out and about, and to embrace our wee Northern Ireland.

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Weekend wellbeing 31.07.16

July 31, 2016

The Special edition irish open print can be purchased here.

The weekly posting of wellbeing stuff seems to make the months fly by!

Here we are with August approaching in the blink of an eye, and we will be thinking of the retun to School and the updating of uniforms.

Abe and I returned from the States on Tuesday after a decent five hour delay and a change of connecting flight. It was remarkable how it wasn’t unti lthe last leg of the trip (our flight from London to Belfast) that he and I both broke.

There was a lovely screaming and poo incident on the plane

Him not me!

I even shed a wee tear when my bugaboo pram didn’t arrive home with my other suitcase. Do you know this buggy? I got it for my first born eight years ago and it is fab.

I have never had to buy a little foldable buggy as the Cameleon is so versatile and adaptable.

It is crap on the beach though so if you know you’ll be doing beach walks, get a carrier! I use this one.

And I got my pram back in the end!

I am so inspired after my trip to New York so keep an eye out on my shop for new prints coming soon.

Your weekly wellbeing food and words below

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Weekend Wellbeing 24.07.16

July 24, 2016
FullSizeRender 3

Well we’re having a ball in New York!

See more of my NYC print here.

Abe and I arrived on Tuesday and have been visiting friends in the city and also up state New York- what a lucky baby!

This is us right now as I finish this post for you. At a friend’s home in Keene Valley.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset





  • My postpartum body post from last week went crazy and I appreciate ALL of your shares and comments. For any of you wondering how to stay on track with healthy eating and letting yourself feel patient, here is my guide to staying on track with healthy eating. One step at a time, go easy on yourself and enjoy your food! 
  • I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Angus and Julia but this song ‘Wherever you are’ sums up my feelings about my other three boys back in Belfast right now.
  • I know I’m repetitive at times sending you to my friend’s blogs, but I love them and their wisdom. Here Mel shares tips for keeping things slow on the family front. Love it, especially during the Summer
  • Lastly here is a fun thing I found for unsettled babies through my friends at camp– the baby wiggle! Read here

Happy Sunday

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Weekend Wellbeing 17.07.2016

July 17, 2016

The Balanced rocks print above is from my trip to New York aged just eighteen. It is where all of my friendships in NYC stemmed from and you can read about our family experience back at Camp Treetops here.

This week Abraham and I head to New York city for a few days.

The main reason for the trip is to introduce the baba to our friends but I have one or two work meetings scheduled which I can’t wait for!

That’s the thing with this slow pace “maternity leave”.

Having the space to process what is best for my business and where to go with everything in September is gradually becoming apparent in my mind. I don’t feel rushed or as worried as I sometimes can be.

It’s the love/hate relationship that comes with being a self employed person.

But I am thankful for all the learning that comes with the challenges !

This blog has been a super way for me to see what you, my audience like to read and to see.

As I always say,

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My postpartum body | Part 1

July 15, 2016

I have such a clatter of emotions surrounding this post.

Embarrassment that people will see these dire photos of me. Complete disgust at myself for believing that I am in any way out of shape to begin with.  Then I move swiftly to feeling empowered that my body has housed three human beings and looks the way it does after only ten weeks since popping out the last one. And finally (you still here?) I question continually why am I putting this sh** out into the world in the first place?

I have struggled girls.

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Peanut butter vanilla protein shake | RECIPE

July 13, 2016
peanut butter vanilla protein shake Darling E

I have been working out since Abraham was about five weeks.

I mostly walked with the buggy since he was three weeks and have been *trying* to eat well. By well I mean lean meats and increasing my fruit and veg intake (I explain our whole food diet here).

I have been aware of the amount of protein I have been putting into my body as it can have so many benefits, even for a breastfeeding Mumma like myself (read this article for more info).

I know the jury is out on whey protein and whether it is necessary in our diets but I have always enjoyed the novelty of including it in protein bars or adding flavour and bulk to my smoothies.

Then I read this article by the body coach which made me feel OK about enjoying protein powder drinks as an *additional* part of my diet.

Here is the recipe that I know is so simple but I genuinely adore it and so do our kids.

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