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Expert of the month – Mike McComish

June 10, 2017

I played hockey (briefly) in School with Mike’s sister Kerry but I had never met Mike until his wife Rebecca and I got chatting at the School gates and over on Instagram.

Many of you will recognise him from his days as a professional rugby player. He has a wealth of knowledge because of his background in fitness and I trust him when he gives advice on nutrition and workouts.

As I say so much on the blog, I enjoy meeting professionals in the field of sport and wellbeing because they have an insight into a world I only know a glimpse of. I love to learn and you can learn a great deal about moving forward in your own fitness journey after reading what Mike has to say.   Continue Reading…


Expert of the month -Hayley Peoples

February 4, 2017

It’s been a while since we had an expert of the month feature on the blog so it is great to be back with smiley and motivatiional personal trainer Hayley People.

I first met Hayley when she worked with one of my best friends Holly (who I have mentioned on the blog before ) in a clothing store in Belfast.

As far as I could see Hayley was always in great shape. It has been refreshing and insightful to read her story about becoming a personal trainer and changing her lifestyle. She works with clients on the PT front and also teaches reformer pilates which I have yet to go to but know I will LOVE!

Anyone Belfast based fancy doing it drop me an e mail and we can book in together. Continue Reading…


Expert of the month | Gary Milligan |+ RECIPE

April 13, 2016

If you have been around here for a while you will know the part of the blog called

‘EXPERT OF THE MONTH’ featuring personal trainers.

My three month trip to the USA last Summer and this pregnancy has meant things changed overtime. But here it is in a slightly different format which I am THRILLED about as it involves FOOD, something (if my stats are anything to go by) you all love.

Without further ado let me introduce you to Gary Milligan of Fitness Belfast

I came across Gary and his work on instagram

(My stream is to the right of this page or at the bottom of your mobile device. Gary’s instagram is here). I was immediately impressed by the vegetarian fitness meals he featured and his enthusiasm. I mean, look at that big grin in his photo above, it’s infectious!

Since becoming familiar with his bootcamps, personal training and unique recipes I knew I had to feature him on the blog.

As someone who runs their business from my website and is constantly looking for ways to improve I cannot tell you how impressed I was with Gary’s site.

Gary’s site is slick, informative, cheery and thorough which I LOVE.

Also he is consistent with his blogging (so many good recipes on there) and all news of his regular bootcamps.

Below is further explanation from Gary about his ethos and business.

Plus he shares a recipe with us, amazing!

Continue Reading…


Daniel Buser- Expert of the month Q&A

June 12, 2015

My husband played hockey with Daniel a few years ago at Lisnagarvey hockey club.

It is fair to say that my husband is fitter now than in the days when he ran about a pitch alongside the super fit Daniel Buser…I’ll live in the hope that it’s Darling Edna that has aided my husband’s fitness!!

If you were to meet Daniel you would see how genuine, unassuming and modest he is.

This guy has true talent on the hockey pitch- he is always so lively and fun to watch from the sidelines.

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September 4, 2018

If you have listened to any of the podcast interviews that I have been privileged to be a part of in the last month (She said club interview here and Best of Belfast here) then it will not be a secret to you that I am bringing out a workout programme!! I have admired and known Gareth for a long time. He is one of those physio type people (technical term for his profession is below) who I can spend two minutes with complaining about my sore shoulder and within that short time he uses his clever brain to fix it. Not in a freaky way but in a methodical genius way. Continue Reading…


Stefanie McCluskey – Expert of the month

April 30, 2018

I met Stefanie through Mike McCommish and we got along royally! She never stops smiling, laughing and inspiring online and offline. She personal trains clients with such genuine enthusiasm and care. Stefanie holds fitness, food and fashion afternoons in Podium 4 sport which you should keep an eye out for. She is also an athlete with a powerful personal drive for getting better and stronger.  Continue Reading…


Lisa Kernoghan. Expert of the month.

October 21, 2017
I met Lisa through a mutual friend and have been following her amazing venture, Vibe Academy. I will let her tell you all and I cannot wait to show you the dance workout she has choreographed for us. Hip hop vibes are always going to be a winner in my world!
Name: Lisa Kernoghan
Age: 38
Occupation: Choreographer and Business Owner
Location: Belfast based with campuses and mobile workshops across the country

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Nathalia Melo – Expert of the month

August 10, 2017

I started David Lloyd gym when I was pregnant with our third boy. I figured the money I would save on not drinking  prosecco for nine months would be better spent on something I would use and love!!

I have had gym memberships in the past but this was a big move for me and one I am so glad I made.

Due to hyperemesies (read about my experience with it in this post) and a number of other pregnancy complications I had to stall my membership for a few months.

When I was seven months pregnant walking with an established waddle I returned to David Lloyd and Nathalia was one of the many smiling faces I met on my morning visits. She and her bump (now called Nico featured in the image below) were on the cross trainer. We exchanged words and pleasantries about our pregnancies and that was that.

I was blissfully unaware at this stage about what a star Nathalia is in the fitness world and how close all the gym girls would become. We have a great little network now and I am so excited to have Nat on here. Continue Reading…