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How to make exercise work for you. 9 steps.

January 28, 2017

The picture above I am on one of the new pieces of equipment in my gym, David Lloyd Belfast. Wearing a Better bodies outfit.

It comes as no surprise to my regular blog readers that my life revolves around a few simple things- God, my family, my friends, travel and without a doubt exercise!

You can read about my health and sickness journey here.

One of the main influencers for the name of my blog was my Darling Granny Edna who passed away a year ago this week. She was, unlike myself, not a gym addict but she lived well.

By that I mean she didn’t drink alcohol ( at least not during my lifetime.), she picked salads over carbs (not that she would have seen it that way. Her love for heinz salad cream over scallions, cucumber, iceberg lettuce and garden tomatoes ran deep) and she drank lemon and hot water every morning along with her porridge which was steeped from the night before (she was on the bircher overnight oats before any of the rest of us!).

Perhaps living consciously with regards to my health is in my genes, who knows? Either way I love it and I’m passionate about sharing my journey with you.

Now, let’s talk you!

I am so aware that social media has bombarded you with “new year new you” slogans and “get fit quick” diet plans or exercise routines.

I’m sure I am not the first to break it to you – There is no quick fix. Continue Reading…

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24 hours in Soho NYC- a guide

September 7, 2016

If you’ve been around my blog for more than 48 hours you will know that I love NYC (I even have art prints here and here you can buy of NYC). I talk about it a whole lot- sorry.

It so happens that I have around 30 great friends who live there so my connection to the city itself is not based on tourism but more on community and a love for some of it’s people.

As a result of visiting there two or three times each year I get asked quite a bit about places to visit.

I am not always sure how to respond as we do many of the same routes and eating when we visit various parts of the city- mainly downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Soho and Midtown.

Often I visit NYC and spend so little money or I don’t even darken the door of a clothes store.

This is mainly because I really just love the vibe of the city and to see our crew of friends, all of whom I met because of Camp Treetops. This was a camp I worked at when I was 18 and re visited to work at last Summer with my boys (read here).

So maybe don’t view my rough guide as your first and foremost but all of the places I recommend here I have tried and loved and can make your visit so so fun! Continue Reading…

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Black bean + corn enchiladas || RECIPE

April 22, 2016

If you’re like us and trying to go meat free a few days a week then this simple vegetarian Mexican dish will serve you well.

Furthermore it is made in what feels like minutes. So you fire on the sauce, throw ingredients into the bowl, wrap the burritos and put in the oven while you sort the kids or get your shower after work. Appealing, yes?

Feel free to adapt the spice of the sauce and cut out the onion if you don’t have the time to saute it for a bit.

We often eat this on it’s own without any side salad,

simply smoothering it with a generous spoonful of Clandeboye greek yoghurt

*Side note – Next month we have a HAMPER giveaway of Clandeboye goodies*

So allow it to become a family friendly meal and as straight forward as you like. Continue Reading…

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Bounty balls recipe.

March 31, 2015

Last year I did a little detox for my body.

After fourteen courses of antibiotics my friend Emma suggested I do the candida diet for two weeks.

It is a diet where you eliminate sugar in an attempt to neutralise your immune system after the big fight with the antibodies and gunk from all the (much needed, to be fair) drugs to cure my illness. I talk more about last year’s sickness here. Basically antibiotics increase the yeast in your body and sugar multiplies yeast growth i.e: lots of yeast is bad.

While on the candida diet I really got to know what cutting sugar out of a diet was like.

Continue Reading…

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More info on Aly.

March 6, 2015

Why did you make this when you already have a blog?

That’s a good question. This site is just an extension of my website. I liked the blog on (*you can go right back to the website anytime you want by clicking on the tab in the header “back to”*)but here I can be even more creative with my photography and my writing and show you an insight into my “everyday” with wellbeing tips and food recipes. Also it’s just prettier to look at than seeing a plain text blog. As a creative person, I love the visual.

What can I expect to see here?

The blog is broken down into three main areas:

Continue Reading…