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Freezer protein balls | RECIPE + Body love

June 20, 2016

On Saturday morning I went to Vinyasa- flow yoga and I had a moment of feeling empowered in my body.

As I took up childs pose in the middle of what was a sweaty and tasking enough class, I remembered fondly being in that same class, in the same position but with a baby in my belly at 37 weeks pregnant.

It was a lovely moment of pause.

In my next breath I reminded myself that this body I am pushing through it’s paces may carry extra squidgy bits on my hips, my back and elsewhere- but it has housed, grown and sustained three human beings.


With Father’s day just past and a general sense that women need to perfect their bodies to stay young and appealing, it is important to stop, reflect and appreciate what we have.

Whether you grew some babies in your tummy or not, your body is amazing!

It carries you through, it fights sickness as best it can, it squeezes into the ever changing wardrobe we call “fashion”, and it has a heart that beats to the rhythm of life. Take a moment to thank it.

Now for a body enriching snack recipe…

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Homemade baked beans || Hollie’s recipe

May 20, 2016

Some of you will know of my friend Hollie Edgar who featured as expert of the month last year.

She is a tribal fitness bootcamp instructor and also specialises in pre and postnatal fitness training. Hollie is a former athlete and an all round great gal.

I talk more about my love for all things Hollie over here


Furthermore if you are a Mum and you are on the lookout for a baby friendly workout tailored to your needs, look no further.

Hollie’s garden workout is right here for you.

I have the pleasure of spending some brunch times with Hollie which has introduced me to some amazing veggie combinations that are hearty and not without punches of flavour.

Hollie shares her healthy baked beans recipe below.

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Grilled avocado, mushrooms, tomato |Brunch RECIPE

May 11, 2016

Prepare for the artistic explanation of this mouth watering dish –

The juiciness of the tomatoes, the nutty flavour that the avocado takes on when it’s char grilled, the creaminess of the eggs made with coconut oil and the earthy smoked mushrooms make this dish DIVINE!

I learned about char grilling avocados from irish chef Donal Skehan and I include it in my recipe e book (which you can get by subscribing to my website here)

It is a great variation from the coldness when avocados are kept in the fridge!

I had this post workout

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Blueberry + pistachio rice dish | RECIPE

May 3, 2016

I often say to my husband how

“anything goes” nowadays when it comes to food.

With vegan and plant based appreciation, vegetarian acceptance and the accessibility of all fruits and veg in this day and age, we are spoilt and

it is totally ok to add flowers to pizzas or our porridge.

As an artist this is great and allows me to explore food , flavours and colour to the max.

Combine that enthusiasm with my in built desire to always be resourceful with food and our finances and you get some interesting dishes when the fridge is looking bare!

However this combination of ingredients which doesn’t exactly photograph well (see above) is actually delicious.

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Breakfast bagel stack || COCO VITA

April 29, 2016

Excusing the fact that I hacked the life out of the bagel in the pic above- I never would have survived in a bakery-

this is a lush breakfast treat.

And to further the health trend of good fats (your avocado + feta cheese) I cooked, spread and heated all of it using my Coco Vita oilVita Coco Coconut Oil

I have managed to use coconut oil for pretty much everything of late.

The baby bump has benefited greatly from coconut oil.

Processed with VSCOcam with b2 preset

40 weeks.

As have my feet which I (although very tickly) have had my hubby rub at night. It’s what some might call we-can’t-afford-reflexology-type of action, and I feel it is a progression in our relationship- me letting him touch my toesies!

I have also used the oil in my smoothies, for my bullet proof coffee

(you replace milk with coconut oil, SO good) and to remove my make up.

Need I say more about coconut oils versatility?

Back to avocado , as my friend Alice Judge Talbot said recently “If you don’t instagram your avocado toast, did it ever exist?”.

We are sadly a generation of healthy idiots obsessed with avocados.

I once saw a quote which said “People will eat anything if it has an avocado on top of it”.

That wasn’t always the case for me but I do like them a whole lot more especially if I find a ripe one avocado

So this breakfast idea is

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Black bean + corn enchiladas || RECIPE

April 22, 2016

If you’re like us and trying to go meat free a few days a week then this simple vegetarian Mexican dish will serve you well.

Furthermore it is made in what feels like minutes. So you fire on the sauce, throw ingredients into the bowl, wrap the burritos and put in the oven while you sort the kids or get your shower after work. Appealing, yes?

Feel free to adapt the spice of the sauce and cut out the onion if you don’t have the time to saute it for a bit.

We often eat this on it’s own without any side salad,

simply smoothering it with a generous spoonful of Clandeboye greek yoghurt

*Side note – Next month we have a HAMPER giveaway of Clandeboye goodies*

So allow it to become a family friendly meal and as straight forward as you like. Continue Reading…


Purple POWER protein shake|| RECIPE

April 8, 2016

The banana and nut butter combo is my go-to base for a protein smoothie.

I have added in vanilla protein powder for extra bulk. I use Arbonne’s protein powder and I have to say although it is quite pricey it lasts forever and it is delicious.

Can there be such a thing as delicious protein powder? Yes, and I found it.

I have tried many a vegan protein powder and non vegan protein powder over the years and I have yet to find one as tasty as this. My husband and I are flying through the pack.

He uses it as a simple shake with just water, I add it to smoothies and to protein balls of late.

You don’t need to use the protein powder if you don’t want to.

Or, if you have chocolate flavour it could equally work in this recipe. Continue Reading…


Rye bread, hummus+tomatoes || RECIPE

March 30, 2016

Rye bread is a German bread which is mainly wheat free and has many benefits.

I simply use it as an alternative to a regular loaf (my kids don’t buy into it though) and, because I like the taste of it. See this page for more info on how exactly it is beneficial to your health .

It is nice with other toppings such as avocado and eggs or cashew butter and maple syrup.

The ‘recipe’ below was inspired by my friend Rebekah after a meeting we had at her house where she set this delight on the table.

A simple little snack idea for you.

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Detox cucumber drink || RECIPE

March 23, 2016

As we are all in the wellbeing mind and body zone, here is an idea for your water jug.

I labelled it ‘detox’, not so you will think there is a detox plan in place over here. More that you can see this water idea as adding to your nutrition content in SO many ways, and it is a little more exciting than plain old water.

Here’s a few benefits of cucumber and lemon water

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