Lisa Kernoghan. Expert of the month.

October 21, 2017
I met Lisa through a mutual friend and have been following her amazing venture, Vibe Academy. I will let her tell you all and I cannot wait to show you the dance workout she has choreographed for us. Hip hop vibes are always going to be a winner in my world!
Name: Lisa Kernoghan
Age: 38
Occupation: Choreographer and Business Owner
Location: Belfast based with campuses and mobile workshops across the country

  • In a few lines tell us a bit about yourself, work, family, lifestyle etc.
My name is Lisa Kernoghan, I live in East Belfast with my husband Pete and our two kids Poppy (8) and Leo (3).  I am a Choreographer and Creative Director of my own company, Vibe Academy.  We teach commercial hiphop and street dance to kids aged 4-18.
  • Can you tell us a bit about how Vibe Academy came about?
    I was working as a freelance Choreographer and was struck at how intense the dance industry can be for kids.  I decided there needed to be a place where kids could dance for fun with professional level performance opportunity but no competitive element.  Vibe Academy was born in 2008.  We have evolved over the years, moving from my self-employment to a Limited Company and now have 4 campuses- Bangor, Belfast, Lisburn and Lurgan, 5 staff members and 2 interns. We concentrate on skill and confidence building, Showcases, video shoots and having a blast.
  • What do you enjoy most about what you do now?
We recently changed business status and took on extra staff to help  push forward with different aspects of the company which has freed me up to be creative in other ways.  I’m absolutely loving being part of this bigger team after having worked for so long self-employed.  For our staff, I love the variety that comes with the job.  There are weekly VA classes- building relationship and seeing kids and young people progress and gain confidence in the skill we teach is priceless.  And also being out and about at weekends performing at events, taking workshops, shooting videos.  It’s all loads of fun.
 Personally at the minute I am loving managing staff and interns, and also getting the chance to design new VA merchandise.  We’re also starting a 4 week adult dance course “Girl Power Choreo Party” which i’m super excited to be teaching, we ran a course back in June and it was the most fun! (see website for deets)
  • How do you stay on track with your fitness goals? (diet, training with someone etc)
I train most days, usually dance related or involving weights.  I could have up to 5 dance sessions in a day or maybe just a quick HIIT session on my own.  Depends on the diary, and the mood lol.
  • How important is nutrition to you?
Nutrition is super important to me.  I’m fussy about what i keep in the house so that rules out impulsive bad choices!  I don’t eat dairy and i keep meat to a minimum just because i feel better that way, and i take extra vitamins.
  • What is your favourite activity to do outside of dance/fitness?
At the minute it is definitely styling our new house!  I love fashion and interiors.  Before i moved into Dance full time, i considered a Fashion Design qualification but fell into an amazing Interior Design job, so that spark has been revived through this refurb!
  • Where was the last place you holidayed?
I was in London a couple of weeks ago visiting my brother and his wife.  We hit up the markets, vegan food spots and tracked down the best dairy-free donuts.  As a family we haven’t been away this year yet but we’re planning a Disneyland Paris trip soon, we are MAJOR Disney fans.
  • Do you have any advice for your younger self?
I would tell myself to act my age and live in the moment.  I have always felt older than what i was, my head always a few steps down the line.  I would say stop being so intensely worried about achieving that you miss the fun.  And TRAVEL, i’d tell myself to travel, loads.
  • If you had to choose one cheat meal what would it be?
Ooooh.  Pizza and Gelato.  In Italy of course 😉
  • Where can people find you?

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  • Reply Tara October 23, 2017 at 10:44 pm

    Love it LadyK. Probably one of my main role models from I was 16 and still continues to be a role model for me. Lisa gave me the opportunity to choreograph and teach for VA from I was 17, something I had only dreamed of doing. Love her, her heart, her passion and all that she stands for.

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